Books on tea

I love my work.

I am a librarian, archivist, and general bibliophile currently examining books from the retail side. Above all, I am an information professional. I am fascinated by the myriad ways human beings have conceived, recorded, organized, and accessed information. I love the information a physical object presents beyond its textual content.

Current professional interests

Book history: connecting textual history with material culture, gaining a thorough grounding on the evolution of the book and other textual objects.

Cataloging: authority control, physical description, provenance, metadata.

Japanese information history: especially Edo- and early Meiji-period woodblock-printed books, but also meandering into maps, ephemera, manuscripts, and art.

Let’s talk about books.

I’m happy to connect with cultural heritage colleagues, scholars, and book lovers around the globe. (If you can teach me Japanese, so much the better!)

My resume is here, and you can find me on LinkedIn.

I share LAM-related images on Flickr and Pinterest.

I’ve collected a lot of resources related to book history, and I will find a better way to share them. For now, I will link downloads here.

Bibliography of Japanese Book History [PDF]


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